Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments

Make Some Extra Payments and Pay Off Your Mortgage as Soon as You Can!

Additional extra payments can help you repay your mortgage sooner and help you reduce your total interest payments for your loan. With extra payments, you can make great savings in interest payments and pay off your home loan much faster. Make an printable amortization schedule. To accomplish this, you need a mortgage calculator with extra payments.

To make a printable amortization schedule, enter your details, and press the blue CALCULATE button. You will get a monthly and annual amortization schedule in the scroll window, and a monthly and annual chart. Press the red button with the white arrow and PDF to start creating the printable amortization schedule.

Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments
Home ValueEnter the value of house or apartment you intend to buy.
Mortgage AmountEnter the amount of the loan. This is the amount from which installments will be calculated and amortization table will be made.
Interest rateEnter the annual interest rate for which you have agreed with the bank.
Amortization PeriodRepayment period in Years or Months.
Mortgage start dateMortgage start date is usually one month before the first payment (depends on repayment interval).
Monthly annuity
Accounting methodSimple method is the one that is usually used. Compound is added only for specific needs.

Taxes insurance PMI and HOA
Property Taxes (yearly)The amortization table can also include property taxes. The tax depends on the value of the property. Annual tax amount is calculated and then divided by the number of payments per year. If you are paying monthly, the amount is divided by twelve. Be cautious, because the tax rate may change.
Insurance (yearly)The majority of lenders demand that the property is insured. Insurance usually covers fire, lightning strikes, burglary, storms, explosions etc. You can also include this insurance to amortization table and take it into account of every payment.
PMI (yearly)**Mortgage insurance is usually required until 20% of property value is paid. PMI can be avoided if 20% deposit is paid.
HOA (yearly)Homeowner association.
*Mark this if you want to take into account when calculating the effective interest rate
**Once the principal is reduced to 80% of value, the PMI is often no longer required. PMI fees vary, depending of the amount down payment and the loan, from around 0.3 percent to 1.15 percent of the initial loan amount per year. The most simple way to determine the rate is to use a table on a lender’s web site.

Extra paymentsAmortization table can include special payments, depending on your requirements. If you expect higher inflow of money in the coming years and you want to use it to pay off the mortgage, or if you want to repay the loan quicker, enter that amount in “One-time” row and specify the month and year in which you would like to include it in amortization table. If you have regular annual inflow of money and you want to include it in repayment, enter the value in “One-time yearly” row. Specify the month in which the amount should be taken in account. If you would like to add some extra money in every instalment, enter amount in “For each payment” row. All these additional payments will shorten the age of paying off the mortgage and reduce the interest.
One-time yearly
For each payment

Click on this button will do the report.

You should not forget that required mortgage monthly payments include not only principal payment but also a great amount of interest payment. That means high additional costs for you and more money for your bank.

With extra payments towards principal is possible to reduce these costs and shorten the term of the loan. If the length of a loan is shorter, you will pay less interest. Your mortgage will be cheaper and you will save your money. Use mortgage calculator with extra payments and make a amortization schedule that suits you best!

One-time extra payments $40,000.00 – examples
Loan information
Mortgage amount $200,000.00
Interest rate (%)3.1%
Amortization period 360 months (30 years)
Monthly annuity $854.03
DescriptionThe amount of interest savingsReduced repayment time in months
After 5 years$37,122.4290 (7.5 years)
After 10 years$27,105.7478 (6.5 years)
After 15 years$18,277.8268 (5.7 years)
After 20 years$10,524.0559 (4.9 years)
After 25 years$3,734.7051 (4.25 years)
One-time extra payments

Adding Extra Payments Would Shorten Original Mortgage Term

Extra payment amortization schedule can certainly help you get out of your debt faster. You can make one-time, one-time yearly or for each payment extra payments towards the principal and therefore shorten original mortgage term. Every additional payment to required mortgage payment scheme is a step towards a life without debt.

Amortization with extra payments can give you financial freedom much sooner, so it is smart to reconsider this option and learn how quickly you may be able to repay your mortgage. It is not necessary that your extra payments are large because every added dollar counts and can help you reach your goal faster. Mortgage calculator with extra payments can help you review your options, so you would make a great extra payment amortization schedule that will shorten your original mortgage term for few months or even years.

One-time yearly extra payments – examples
Loan information
Mortgage amount $200,000.00
Interest rate (%)3.1%
Amortization period 360 months (30 years)
Monthly annuity $854.03
DescriptionThe amount of interest savingsReduced repayment time in months
Increase the annuity to $1,000.00 ($145.97 extra)$2,862.568 (0.7 year)
Two annuities $1,708.06 ($854.03 extra)$14,812.3044 (3.7 years)
Extra $1,000.00$16,940.6250 (4.2 years)
Extra $5,000.00$51,988.81160 (13 years)
Extra $10,000.00$70,392.63222 (18.5 years)
One-time yearly extra payments

Reduce the Total Interest Payment and Save Your Money

Extra payment printable amortization schedule has many benefits. The most important one is a positive impact on your interest savings, which means that in total you would pay less money for your loan. How much interest can you save on voluntary extra mortgage payments?

With mortgage calculator with extra payments, you can calculate the amount of money you can save by adding some extra payments to your required mortgage scheme. The fact is that the majority of your mortgage monthly payment in the first years of the loan will be spent for interest payment and have almost no impact towards the principal of the loan.

Extra payments can help you change that

Extra payments can help you change that, make your loan cheaper and repay it early. Every extra payment towards principal you made would shorten the loan term and reduce the total interest on your mortgage. You can save hundreds of dollars in interest that way, so do not hesitate, but try to calculate your extra payment options and your interest savings now!

For each payment extra payments – examples
Loan information
Mortgage amount $200,000.00
Interest rate (%)3.1%
Amortization period 360 months (30 years)
Monthly annuity $854.03
DescriptionThe amount of interest savingsReduced repayment time in months
Increase the annuity to $1,000.00 ($145.97 extra)$25,649.0978 (6.5 years)
Two annuities $1,708.06 ($854.03 extra)$68,961.12220 (18.3 years)
Extra $100.00$19,048.5757 (4.8 years)
Extra $500.00$55,232.37173 (14.4 years)
Extra $1,000.00$72,706.05233 (19.4 years)
For each payment mortgage calculator with extra payments

The Online Mortgage Calculator with Extra Payments and Amortization Schedule Is a Great Tool That Is Easy to Use!

The mortgage calculator with extra payments is a simple online tool that can help you make the right financial decision for your situation and pay off your loan sooner. Mortgage extra payment calculator can be used to build your personal extra payment amortization schedule for different payment frequencies. This great and easy to use online tool can help you determine the amount and frequency of your extra monthly payments and help you analyze all possibilities you have.

Mortgage Amortization Schedule

Try different options and combinations of regular or non-regular extra payments and find out how and when you can pay off your mortgage. In case that you want to gain financial freedom as soon as possible, use mortgage calculator with extra payments printable amortization schedule, shorten the term of your loan with some additional monthly payments towards principal and save a lot of money!

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