Pay Off Mortgage Early and Become Debt Free

Increase Your Mortgage Payment and Made an Early Payoff A lot of mortgage borrowers are certainly looking for extra payment plans and refinancing schemes that can help them pay off their debt ahead of schedule. Many people want to make an early mortgage payoff. They want to get rid of [...] read more

The Importance of Amortization

There are multiple types of mortgage amortization calculators available, however, not all of them offer the same things. We can choose between mortgage amortization calculator, mortgage amortization calculator with taxes, mortgage amortization calculator with insurance, mortgage amortization calculator with HOA, mortgage amortization calculator with the downpayment, or any other feature [...] read more

Benefits and Risks of a Balloon Mortgage

Balloon Mortgage Calculator The calculator gives you three calculation options: determine the amount of an annuity or determine the amount of the loan or determine the amount of the loan and the balloon amount. Enter monthly paymentEnter a monthly payment, an interest rate, an estimate of the years after which the balloon [...] read more

Can PiggyBack Mortgage Save Your Money?

Avoid Paying for Private Mortgage Insurance Having two mortgages is sometimes a better option than having only one. A second mortgage that is called PiggyBack Mortgage can help you avoid paying for Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI that is needed to protect the lender of the loan when you do [...] read more

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

How High Credit Card Balances Can Seriously Wreck Your Credit Scores If you have high balances on your credit cards, you could be doing serious damage to your scores even if every payment is made on time without fail. Credit utilization is a very important component of how credit scores [...] read more

My Credit Scores

How Can I Improve My Credit Scores and Get the Best Possible Mortgage Deal? Your credit scores are one of the most important factors that impact the interest rate and closing costs you’ll pay for a mortgage. Mortgage lenders consider your scores to be highly predictive of the likelihood you’ll [...] read more

Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate

Which is Better, a Fixed-Rate or Adjustable-Rate Mortgage? Which is the better mortgage, a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)? Well, that depends on your goals for the loan and your tolerance for potential interest rate increases in the future. The advantage of an ARM is that the interest rate [...] read more

Loan Comparison Calculator

What is APR? APR, or annual percentage rate, attempts to show the total cost of credit for a mortgage loan by combining the interest rate and closing costs into a single percentage rate. The intent behind APR is to make comparing loan offers much easier, but it’s often misleading at [...] read more

Loan Level Price Adjustments

LLPAs: How Loan Level Price Adjustments Impact the Cost of a Mortgage Loan-level price adjustments, or LLPAs, are something most borrowers are completely aware of, but they directly impact the rate and fees you pay for a mortgage. If you’re planning to refinance your mortgage or buy a home, it’s [...] read more

Mortgage Points Calculator

What Are Discount Points? If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage, you’ve probably heard the term “discount points”, but you may not be familiar with what they are. Discount points are basically extra fees paid at closing in exchange for a lower interest rate over the life of the mortgage. [...] read more